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23 Apr

Top 100 DJ’s at Amsterdam Music Festival 2014

Watch below some of the best EDM DJ’s Producer and artists. From Amsterdam Arena – Where Deorro DJ Hardwell, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Dash Berlin And much Much More…. On the Video you well see the following: Hardwell – ID (Intro ID) (Working Title) [REVEALED] Hardwell feat. Chris Jones – […]

19 Jan

Before starting your own DJ Business-Some questions you should ask yourself!

A lot of people during this recession, dream of starting their own business. We have a small list of questions where, your answers will help determine if this small business venture is for you, or it will give you some kind of idea of where you should spend more time in your planning. Are you […]

16 Aug

Buzy DJ.

I have been very busy lately getting all my letters out to all the area High Schools. I have placed my card and something about my system, lighting and that I would MC any events that they may have. So jump to it and make sure your letters get out soon since school around here […]

11 Apr

DJ Looks to a Movie to Master his Presentation

Some of you always ask how to talk or present yourself in public. So here comes along the movie “THE KINGS SPEECH”. This movie gives us five lessons that we can use. In the movie, Bertie, refused to take the throne of England, because he felt that he was cursed with a terrible stammering problem. […]

20 Mar

DJ’s Friendly advice helps out to make it BIG.

When I started to DJ, we really didn’t have a whole lot of different equipment or did we even know what a cd or even an mp3 was. We had to do everything manually which I think helps out in the ability to turn out some better mixes than what some of the dj’s are […]

08 Feb

Bose speaker for DJing?

I have to talk about the speakers that most DJ’s use lately. Some have been going for the types that allow you to use separate amps. and speakers so you could match the speaker to the job you do. Some have been getting the self-powered types by the amp. companies that they like. These come […]

07 Feb

Dj has fun night with kids!

I have been going back thru some of the things that I have done as a promoter and as  a Dj. I had found out that there isn’t a lot of places around for the younger kids to go out and have a great time. So I looked into our local Kids play gym. I […]

15 Jan

Local DJ going to Mobile Beat Vegas!

Yes this is the time that Mobile Beat Magazine has their show in Vegas. It has always turned out to be a really good show. So my son is going this time and would like to see if there is any other DJ’s from around the Pittsburgh, Pa. area that is considering going to the […]

14 Jan

DJ’s Bad Experiance?

I was just strolling thru some of my older posts today when….. across the news channel it showed a little 8 year old girl. It to me after seeing what she was doing and what had happened, I thought. How many of us as DJ’s would have been as cool as her and just keep […]

19 Aug

How to DJ a Wedding with an iPod, From an iPods point of view!

Today I am going to do this story from the view of a iPod. Hello, I am a shiny new iPod. I have the retail value of around $400, and am able, according to my owner, be able to dj a wedding. I know that I am able to hold all kinds of songs so […]

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