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19 Jan

Before starting your own DJ Business-Some questions you should ask yourself!

A lot of people during this recession, dream of starting their own business. We have a small list of questions where, your answers will help determine if this small business venture is for you, or it will give you some kind of idea of where you should spend more time in your planning. Are you […]

23 Jun

DJ Income – Time is money: DJ Salaries

I have been getting a lot of questions on the subject of the pay scale of Club DJ’s. If you ask me, I am thankful that I didn’t become one of those Club DJ’s, and you will see why! DJ’s pay scales are all over the place. This is due to a lot of DJ’s […]

24 May

Mobile DJ Show, Seminars,and a Learning Experience!

I have always wondered why most of the dj shows are out in Las Vegas, somewhere I myself could not go. I just got my new issue of Mobile Beat Magazine. much to my supprize, I saw on page 8 of the magazine that they will be holding different shows around the area with the […]

16 Mar

Let’s Make a deal – Dj’s help!

Some of you have been asking about what to do when you don’t have anyone dancing at the time and you are playing your best music. Well now is the time for you to learn different types of “ICE BREAKERS”, or GAMES to get people active and make you look like a better entertainer than […]

02 Jul

DJ’s most unusual places to DJ from.

In my years of djing, I have benn to a lot of unusual places to dj from. I have been in some small places that I had to dj from their kitchen, or on a stage set up across the stairwell of a club. When this after hours club was in exsistance, you had the […]

06 Mar

Inspect, Clean and get ready for events.

Again it it that time of the year when we have to inspect, clean and get ready for the next event. I don't mean gettint our equipment tuned but to take a look at the other things we use as a DJ. First there is the vehicles that we use. If we didn't keep them […]

08 Nov

Ever Expanding DJ

No, I’m not talking about the DJ that is invited to Thanksgiving dinner and eats a lot. I’m asking you the dj, to expand his mind into finding a job worth doing from nothing at all. It has been a few since I have wrote an update to my blog site because I just haven’t […]

18 Sep


Just out of the mailbag today and I figured that it would be a great topic since there is so may newcomers asking "What is Trivia." Trivia seems to be so inmaterial to some and very important to others. Some people could say that you could be talking about "Apples and Oranges." But in all […]

30 Aug

Pop Music Hits, Music Lists, Song Chatrs, Popular Music.

Comments, e-mails, letters, and other DJ’s comments has now led me to find one good “Music List” site. I have been doing this blog for quite a while and I still only use one site for all my music information.It has been one of the best for all of the years that I have been […]

13 Jul

DJ’s 10 simple rules

Legend has it that many years ago, a disc jockey, looking for the meaning to his job. Ascended a very mystical mountain, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa.. Once the jock reached the top of the mountain, he came upon an elder, sitting and meditating. The jock was terrified and was just about to decend the […]

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