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11 Apr

DJ Looks to a Movie to Master his Presentation

Some of you always ask how to talk or present yourself in public. So here comes along the movie “THE KINGS SPEECH”.
This movie gives us five lessons that we can use.

In the movie, Bertie, refused to take the throne of England, because he felt that he was cursed with a terrible stammering problem.

We all seem to fall into the same situation as we go out, pic up the mic, then nothing comes out right. We as well as the new King, struggle to talk in public. So, do we need to go to a speech therapist, NO not really. All we have to do is follow some useful tips so we can all learn to become better speakers.

#1 Don’t be afraid of your voice. Ignore what others say because if you listen to their comments, you may think that you may never be cured. Just as I did, I struggled to be heard, but all of this was due to that I didn’t have any faith in myself. It takes a lot of persistence.

#2 Admit that you need help. We all are flawed! No one becomes a great speaker alone. We all need someone to help us out.

#3 Just the same way that you do with mixing, you should also spend time to speak or go thru everything. Always read the peoples names ahead of time and not just when they need to be announced. There isn’t any substitute for preparation. Always spend some time before.

#4 As the king found out, nothing improved his public speaking like JUST DOING IT. If you feel that you don’t have time to practice, just go out and study other peoples presentations and learn from their experiences.

#5 Last, but not least. Be true to yourself. You may not ever become perfect, but you will still be liked by people that follow you.

So don’t be afraid to just DO IT! The KING DID!

Thank you and keep on reading.

20 Mar

DJ’s Friendly advice helps out to make it BIG.

When I started to DJ, we really didn’t have a whole lot of different equipment or did we even know what a cd or even an mp3 was.
We had to do everything manually which I think helps out in the ability to turn out some better mixes than what some of the dj’s are putting out now in the clubs. We never had the opportunity to record our best practice sessions at home as they can now. We always had to have at least two or three copies of the same thing in our boxes, just in case one would wear out during it’s popularity of being heard.

So this brings me down to the point that we as dj’s don’t mind helping other potential dj’s, as long are they willing to help with what we need.(Like lifting the equipment to the job, or helping keeping the equipment working when we didn’t have time to get to the repair shop or something on that order.)

Now with that being said……. brings me to the whole reason for this entry.

My son has been djing with me for over twenty years together and then for the next eight years, he has been doing a lot of it on his own or with his new found employees. Yes he has been teaching others how to make it in this business. Which leaves me to be very proud of him.

In my days, we didn’t have to worry about the internet as being a tool to help you expand your business to the next level……. so some of you have ask me about what does a good site look like……. well all you have to do is go to …

On his site you will see some ideas as to how to design your own website. He has even put some things in it that I would never have thought of.
Now this leaves me to the next part of this blog……. Where to go to get a better following? In this day and age….. we all now go to FACEBOOK..

This is now one of the best ways of seeing what is going on in the life of someone. Which brings us to the topic of being the dj. So now you can also learn how to get around FACEBOOKS strong policies on having it to advertise businesses. So now you get the chance to sign up to my son’s site and become one of his friends.

So now is the time to sign up for his site on FACEBOOK…..

Pittsburgh Vibes Unlimited DJ Entertainment …

and place in the friend line that you heard of him from my site

So now go and sign up for this on facebook and enjoy all the reading that you will get and now what is going on in this new world od being The Wedding DJ.

Thank You and Keep on reading!


14 Mar

Different ways to hook Multiple Speakers

Today is the day that I get some help in explaining “HOW TO USE MULTIPLE SPEAKERS.”

I had searched the web, and there was one good spot to check out the wiring possibilities for multiple types of speakers. This help came from Crutchfield Tech Support. They had the best that I could find on how to do this.

So here it goes and hope that this is some help to a lot of you out there………….

How do I wire multiple speakers for the required impedance?

The following are formulas for wiring speakers for a particular impedance:


In series wiring, the positive from the amp will connect to the positive of the first speaker, then a separate wire will run from the negative of the first speaker to the positive of the second speaker, and lastly a separate wire will then run from the negative of the second speaker to the negative of the amp. You can picture it as: The signal leaves the positive of the amp and goes into the positive terminal of the speaker, then travels through the voice coil, out from that speaker into the next. Then, through that second speaker’s voice coil and out of that speaker back into the amp, basically in a straight line.

  • Rt = R1 + R2
  • Total Resistance = Resistance 1 + Resistance 2. Just add the impedance of the speakers together, no matter how many loads are in the circuit.

    Example: Two 4 Ohm Subs Wired in Series

  • Rt = 4 Ohms + 4 Ohms
  • Rt = 8 Ohms
  • Parallel

    In parallel wiring, all speakers share the exact same beginning and ending point in the circuit. In the case of two speakers wired in parallel to an amp, both speaker positive terminals will connect to the same positive amp terminal, and both speaker negative terminals will connect together to the same negative amp terminal. Both speakers receive the same signal at the same time.

  • Rt = (R1 x R2) / (R1 + R2)
  • (Total Resistance = Resistance 1 x Resistance 2, the total of which divided by the total of Resistance 1 + Resistance 2)
  • Multiply the two loads, and divide that figure by the total of those same loads added together. The total resistance in a parallel circuit will always be less than the resistance of the component with the smallest value.

    Example: One 6 Ohm Speaker and One 10 Ohm Speaker Wired in Parallel

  • Rt = (6 x 10)/(6 + 10)
  • Rt = (60)/(16)
  • Rt = 3.75 Ohms
  • An easy way to remember the total impedance for two speakers that are of the same impedance, is to just to halve one of the speaker’s impedance.


  • Two 4 Ohm speakers = 2 Ohms
  • Two 8 Ohm speakers = 4 Ohms
  • For Multiple Parallel (more than two speakers wired together in Parallel) loads, the formula changes a little bit :

  • Rt = 1/(1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 + 1/R4….)
  • (Total Resistance = 1 divided by the total of: 1 divided by Resistance 1, + 1 divided by Resistance 2, + 1 divided by Resistance 3, and so on…)
  • Example: Three 12 Ohm Subs Wired in Parallel

  • Rt = 1/ (1/12 + 1/12 + 1/12)
  • Rt = 1/ (0.083333 + 0.083333 + 0.083333)
  • Rt = 1/ (0.249999)
  • Rt = 4.0000016
  • Rt = 4 Ohms
  • Example Two: One 6 Ohm Speaker, One 4 Ohm Speaker, One 8 Ohm Speaker, One 12 Ohm Speaker, and One 3 Ohm Speaker Wired in Parallel

  • Rt = 1/ (1/6 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/12 + 1/3)
  • Rt = 1/ (0.16666 + 0.25 + 0.125 + 0.083333 + 0.3333)
  • Rt = 1/ (0.958293)
  • Rt = 1.0435221
  • Rt = 1 Ohm
  • Series/Parallel

    Series/Parallel wiring is the use of both wiring methods, combined, to solve impedance problems. For example, let’s say that your amp needs to see a 4 Ohm load, but you want to run four speakers. You can do this using four 4 Ohm speakers.

    Each pair of speakers will be wired in series to each other, then the resulting single positive and negative coming from each pair will be wired in parallel to the amp. This is exactly the same thing that can be done with Dual Voice Coil (DVC) subs that have 4 Ohm voice coils; you would just be working with two individual voice coils on one speaker instead of two individual speakers with one voice coil each. Word up!

    Other Points To Note:

    An important factor involving the wiring of speakers that use passive crossovers is that impedance is affected only within the frequencies that the speakers share. In other words, if you have a midrange that plays from 150Hz up to 2Khz, and want to add a tweeter that plays from 2.5Khz up to 30Khz, and both are 4 ohm and have crossovers on them that only allow them to play within their ranges, then they will only present a 4 ohm load when wired in parallel, since they do not play within each other’s ranges. (Give or take a little for the resistance presented by the crossovers themselves and the speaker wire.) If you were to then add a second identical midrange with an identical crossover in parallel, the impedance would be 2 Ohms from 150Hz to 2Khz and 4 Ohms from 2.5Khz to 30Khz.

    Nominal Impedance is the manufacuter’s specification given for the speaker. It is meant to represent the average impedance a speaker presents to an amp. Resistance fluctuates constantly on the speaker while it is playing, so if you try to measure DC resistance on a speaker with a multimeter while it is just sitting on a bench, you will most likely not get a reading consistent with the ohm value stamped on the back of the speaker’s magnet.

    Be sure to take note of the requirements of the amp as far as how it is affected by the load placed upon it. For example, a mono amp cannot be bridged, so when you hook it up to a 2 Ohm load, that is exactly the load that it “sees”. However, if you were to hook up a 2 Ohm load to a 2-channel amp that is in the bridged configuration, you must remember that bridging a 2-channel amp halves what the amp sees, because you are tying two channels of the amp together. Therefore, the 2-channel amp would see a 1 Ohm load when a 2 Ohm load is hooked up to it in the bridged mode.

    I hope that this was very helpful for you.

    10 Mar

    DJ tries to unravel the mystery of our electronics! I HOPE.

    Life has many unfounded rules and conundrums such as
    1) Am I still healthy
    2) Should I make bookings way into the future
    3) What happens if I broke my leg?

    Well! I can’t tell you anything about life’s mysteries, but, I may be able to take some of the guesswork out of our electronic and digital life, as we know it.

    #1 Your laptop and other digital storage devices will always wait till ONE day after the warranty runs out. Even if you get the EXTENDED warranty, the one that allows you to use your devices for that much longer.
    Now I know why they have you send your warranty ONLINE…….. so they can set the COUNTDOWN TILL FAILURE ALARM.

    #2 Now is the time to check it out, because, while in a hurry……… and your saying to yourself……… PLEASE DON’T FAIL ME NOW! Murphy’s Law always happens when you need that device to be at it’s best! Our ultimate lifeline to the outside world, the cell phone, goes into a black-screen …….or setting up to do a job….. and the ever persistent WINDOWS UPDATES comes as your ready to shut your laptop down.

    #3 Now this is the one that I like OR HATE the best……. this happens when you playback IMPORTANT phone calls only. The message goes….. Like you can call me back at ssp-789-sl98. I will be be home at ssk o’clock. I KNOW THOSE CALLS! REAL WELL!

    #4 Why do they have BLACK FRIDAY SALES……. or is this another name for “YOU JUST MISSED THE LAST ONE OF THOSE……. Those guys just bought it!
    Another way of getting rid of older equipment to make way for new is by saying “WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!”

    #5 “I swear that I had entered the WARRENTY CODE! ……. or did I accidentally place an “o” instead of a “O”  or even when we hurry and place a “l” instead of the “1”.

    #6 This one seems to always happen to me, just right after you spend $1000 on a new piece of equipment …….. and the newer one …… for the same price….. and some features that I wanted….. just went on sale for the same price….. just after you started to use the NEW ONE!

    #7 The lost slip or sales receipt ends up in the I JUST HAD IT HERE SYNDROM.  This one comes around when you are trying to get that GREAT REFUND CHECK………. So don’t forget to take the end tab that has the model# …… along with a good copy of the receipt …. stapled to a 3″ by 5″ card that has a legible printing of your name, address, phone#, cell phone#,so you could be reached,  your e-mail address, and the name and model# of the product. ……. By this time I start to wonder if it really was worth all of this for the extra $50 off by mail?

    I hope that this has brought it all in order for you…….. if not…… you are not alone….. I and others are right there with you!

    Thank you and keep on reading!

    25 Feb

    Laptop, computer and what to do.

    To those of you that want to hook their laptop to their mixer are really not paying attention to what they are asking.

    I get a lot of requests for this subject…… which brings me to the simple QUESTION of “HOW DID YOU HOOK YOUR TURNTABLE TO YOUR MIXER…….. HOW DID YOU HOOK THE CD PLAYER TO THE MIXER…….. HOW DID YOU ATTACH YOUR iPOD TO THE MIXER………. NOW THE NEXT ONE SHOULD BE A NO BRAINER………. how do you hook up your laptop!  By a cable from the headphone jack to the mixer.

    Was that just simple enough……….. but if you are looking to hook up you headphones, controller, or other items will require you to purchase extra pieces of equipment which is available by going to your local Guitar Center and talk to one of the specialists which can help you find the right type of hoop-up you will need for what you want to do. Most of these devices start out at around $100 dollars and go up in price from there.

    So …….. now you know how to hook it up………. now go out and have some fun!

    Thank you and keep on reading.

    24 Feb

    DJ Equipment Repair / Warrenty?

    Are you like some of us that has our mixer, laptop, etc., break down when you need it the most.
    That’s right…. our favorite player went down and we are burning mad about it.
    So we get our player…….drop it off at the repair center……..and hope for the best.

    That’s right……A lot of us get really mad about our favorite player going down!

    When we are mad….. We forget one of the basic things that we should do before we send any of our equipment out for repair.

    This next scenario prepares us for the reason of what to do.

    So we get our player…….. drop it of at the repair center…… and hope for the best. They always tell you that it will take about two weeks.

    Now, The time has passed and you go to get your equipment………..”ONLY TO BE DISAPPOINTED!”

    When they hand you the player back…….. You have to ask yourself…….. IS THIS MINE….. As you look at it….. it has a few screws missing and a few scratches on the front that never was there before.

    So what is your options to do next…… complain to the repair center about the missing parts …. Or even the SCRATCHES.
    The repair center claims that it wasn’t their fault and that you should take the problem up with U.P.S. …. it had to be in their shipping.

    SO NOW…….WHAT SHOULD YOU HAVE DONE, instead of being really mad about it ……… YOU should have taken a few pictures. Yes PICTURES….. just to show when we get our equipment back ………this is one of the easiest ways  to prove that we are right and we need some action taken.

    We all carry one of these things with us all the time but actually don’t use them to the fullest of their abilities……. this item is our phone…. today, almost all cell phones come with cameras, so always take a few pics.. Now you will have some kind of proof that it wasn’t you that brought it in in that bad of shape.

    With all of the new technology today….. you can use that PHONE for more than just phone calls.

    So now you know what to do when they say “IT WASN’T ME!”

    P.S. In this day of  having to have insurance on everything……. we can use it to take a pic of a situation you may come up against when you think that you may be blamed for some kind of damage that you didn’t do.

    Thank you and keep on reading.

    08 Feb

    Bose speaker for DJing?

    I have to talk about the speakers that most DJ’s use lately.

    Some have been going for the types that allow you to use separate amps. and speakers so you could match the speaker to the job you do.

    Some have been getting the self-powered types by the amp. companies that they like. These come in all sizes and shapes.

    Then there is the tower speakers that com powered with a sub and amp inclosed. Some of these are able to be taken apart into two pieces.

    There has been a lot of talk about going back to regular speakers instead of the so called tower ones that most dj’s have been saying that they are too high ended and that they can’t get enough bass out of these kinds of units.I myself couldn’t see going to this type of unit.

    L1 Model 1 Single Bass Speaker Package

    These units have been great for vocals or mid – ranged instruments. But not for the bass punch that you look for.
    Some car units have better sounding bass that these……. ha ha.

    The self powered and the each piece set – ups give you the punch that you are looking for.

    JBL PRX618SXLF Subwoofer

    You will have to tackle this type of situation when you decide on which type of speakers that you want to use in your business.

    Remember that bands go for the gusto …… Why shouldn’t you?

    Thank you and keep on reading.

    07 Feb

    Dj has fun night with kids!

    I have been going back thru some of the things that I have done as a promoter and as  a Dj.

    I had found out that there isn’t a lot of places around for the younger kids to go out and have a great time.

    So I looked into our local Kids play gym. I had gone in and talked with the manager to see if he wold be in the mood, to try and have a sleepover night at their place.
    I had a letter put together that explained what I could do with him and his employees.. This involved games, coloring contests,dancing for all, and a whole bunch of prizes for the kids to have a nite out with their parents and not just a couple friends, but to invite their whole class.

    These kids had soooo much fun that the parents were glad to bring them to somewhere where they could go and have a lot of fun.

    We even had a pizza shop bring over a lot of pizzas at a reduced price to us as an advertizement  for them and their business.

    This djing job went so well that we set up a once a month day to let others that they can come out and party!

    These kind of jobs can be a lot of fun for your family and kids also. Because you may be able to get a discount price for them.

    Don’t forget all the fun songs like : The Macarena …. Twist ….. Bunny Hop…… ect..

    Thank you and keep on reading!

    24 Jan

    DJ Needs Help With A Song.

    I have been in this business for a long time and I am still trying to find books for reference.

    Sometimes it gets really hard to find any info on older music files.
    But I have had my luck with the books that I have bought over the years that gives me a good selection of the older songs.

    These songs are the ones that the newer DJ’s scratch their heads over and say that they don’t know what people are requesting or they never heard of it and say that their request is too old for them to play. Mostly since a lot of the newer DJ’s don’t know or understand what some people call the OLDIES.

    So where do you go to even get a good idea, even on the newer songs that are out there.

    Myself I just either go to Billboards Top Music list, but they repeat too many songs of that month in one year.
    So what do you do to get better info?

    I always go to another Site for the most help that I ever needed.
    The site is……    ………. The All-Time Greatest Hits.

    Check it out and let me know what you think of it!

    And as always, keep on reading!

    15 Jan

    Local DJ going to Mobile Beat Vegas!

    Yes this is the time that Mobile Beat Magazine has their show in Vegas.

    It has always turned out to be a really good show.

    So my son is going this time and would like to see if there is any other DJ’s from around the Pittsburgh, Pa. area that is considering going to the show.

    As always this gives you a chance to meet someone that you may know or to just meet with someone else in the business.

    Check him out on Facebook as Pgh Vibes and hit him up if you are going and maybe you could hook up with him at the show.

    Thank you and keep on reading.

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