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23 Apr

Top 100 DJ’s at Amsterdam Music Festival 2014

Watch below some of the best EDM DJ’s Producer and artists. From Amsterdam Arena – Where Deorro DJ Hardwell, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Dash Berlin And much Much More….

On the Video you well see the following:

Hardwell – ID (Intro ID) (Working Title) [REVEALED]
Hardwell feat. Chris Jones – Young Again [REVEALED]
Gareth Emery feat. Bo Bruce – U (W&W Remix / Instrumental Edit) [GARUDA]
IvanC (531) 06:47 part of mashup
Gareth Emery & W&W vs. Alesso feat. Tove Lo – U Heroes (Hardwell Mashup)
Alesso feat. Tove Lo – Heroes (We Could Be) (Acappella) [REFUNE/DEF JAM]
Hardwell & W&W feat. Fatman Scoop – Don’t Stop The Madness [REVEALED]
Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd – Apollo (Dimatik Big Room Bootleg) [REVEALED]
Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd – Apollo (Hardwell Private Edit / Dash
Berlin vs. Lucky Date vs. Noisecontrollers Remix Mashup) [FREE / REVEALED / INTERSCOPE]
Hardwell vs. Ariana Grande & Zedd vs. Holl & Rush & Richie Lee – United We Are vs. Break Free vs. Stringer (Hardwell Mashup) [REVEALED / FLAMINGO / UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC]
R3hab & Vinai vs. David Guetta & Glowinthedark vs. Martin Garrix & Dubvision vs. Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma – Unstoppable vs. Ain’t A Party vs. Backlash vs. Dare You (Hardwell Mashup) [JACK BACK / SONY / SPINNIN’ / REVEALED]
Skitzofrenix – ID [REVEALED]
Hardwell & W&W – Jumper (1,2,3 Jump Acappella)
Skitzofrenix & Joey Dale – ID
thatbrenkid (608) w/ Hardwell & W&W – Jumper (Acappella) [REVEALED]
Hardwell – ID
Skitzofrenix – Clap (Joey Dale & Kill The Buzz Remix)
Joey Dale – ID
Hardwell & Dyro feat. Bright Lights – Never Say Goodbye (Acappella) [REVEALED]
Blasterjaxx & D-Block & S-te-fan – Beautiful World (Working Title) [REVEALED]
Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana – Arcadia (Thomas Newson Remix) [REVEALED]
Hardwell vs. W&W & Blasterjaxx vs. Afrojack & Steve Aoki feat. Miss Palmer – Spaceman vs. Rocket vs. No Beef (Hardwell Mashup)
Dyro vs. Alesso vs. Bingo Players vs. Kid Cudi feat. MGMT & Dynamite MC – Against All Odds vs. Raise Your Head vs. Buzzcut vs. Pursuit Of Happiness (Hardwell Mashup) [REFUNE / HYSTERIA / UNIVERSAL REPUBLIC / WOLV]
Headhunterz – Once Again (Working Title)
Martin Garrix & Headhunterz vs. Ian Carey & Michelle Shellers – Once Again Keep On Rising (Hardwell Mashup)
Headhunterz vs. Ian Carey & Michelle Shellers – Once Again Keep On Rising (Hardwell Mashup)
Ian Carey feat. Michelle Shellers – Keep On Rising (Acappella)
W&W – ID ׂ(Similar drop to the edit of kernkraft
Hardwell – ID (Hardwell says its his own track @ Hardwell presents Revealed)
W&W vs Alvaro – ID
W&W-ID (Hardwell only said “are you ready for some new music” I was there
Row Rocka – ID (his style of the breakdown melody, chords, synths)
The Prophet feat. Deepack – Stampuhh!! (Acappella) [SCANTRAXX]
David Guetta & Showtek feat. Vassy – BAD (Acappella) [JACK BACK]
Bingo Players – Buzzcut (1, 2, 3, Go Acappella) [HYSTERIA]
Hardwell & Martin Garrix vs. Chuckie – Music Box vs. Who’s Ready To Jump (Hardwell Mashup) [BIG BEAT (ATLANTIC) / REVEALED]
Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Hardwell Remix) [FFRR (PARLOPHONE)]


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08 Dec

V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones – Deal at Amazon

In search of some new headphones. Check out the sale at Amazon today for the V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone. These are some serious headphone that are geared for the DJ.  What can I say I want a pair to try out and review for you. If you look at the reviews and all the other write-ups on these. You will see these are a deal at any price. With 50mm dual-diaphram drivers for deep bass, organic mid-range and really clear high-ends. With Memory foam ear cushion to reduce ambient noise and enable a lower bass response. They are a lightweight metal construction and lets you use the in comfort for hour & hours. The Steel Frame uses flexible memory headband and has detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables for some serious durability. Plus included is a hard exoskeleton carry case. But besides using this for DJing, you can also use this for your iphone, ipad or Android phone with the built in remote/mic cable. And to top it all off the metal sides can be customized for about $25 for different colors and can also be Laser Engraved. I was just reading some of the reviews. All I can say is I want a pair of these. I am close to clicking purchase now.

What are you favorite cans to use while Dj-ing? – Comment below and let me know? Inyear past I have used Sony, Pioneer and others. But from the looks of these I really can highly recommend these.

I can say I did get to try these out while in Vegas at the Mobile Beats Las Vegas DJ Convention and I loved them.

With over 1400 Reivews on amazon – they have a 1060 5 star reviews – 249 4 Star reviews,  89 3 star reviews, 53 2 star reviews and only 30 1 star reviews. I like reading both the 5 and the 1 star to see the good and the bad. I gather from the 1 star there might be a few that are bad from V-MODA and I am sure they will replace them. But with over 1000 5 Star review. I want to try these out. Remember these are not the AKG Q 701 which are absolutly amazing set of headphones. If you have the extra money get these. But for $100 and less the V-MODA are fantastic. Now just to get my hands on my own pair. 🙂


19 Jan

Before starting your own DJ Business-Some questions you should ask yourself!

A lot of people during this recession, dream of starting their own business.
We have a small list of questions where, your answers will help determine if this small business venture is for you, or it will give you some kind of idea of where you should spend more time in your planning.

Are you ready to spend the time, money and resources needed to get your business up and running.

First.. you have to ask yourself, what kind of business do you want.

Second… What kind of products or services will your business provide.

Three…. at this time we have to ask ourselves again…. why are we starting this business?

Four… Now, what type people will my marketing target be.

Five… This brings you to the time of knowing how familiar you are with your business to ask….. Who will my competition be?

Six…. What am I going to do unique enough with my business ideas and products or services that I will provide.

Seven… How soon will I be able to provide the products or services.

Eight… Will I have enough money to get my business up and running?

Nine…. If I financed the company…. how long will it take before my business starts to see a profit?

Ten… Will my business need a loan?

Eleven… How much will I need to know about my services and products, to keep them priced as compared to my competition?

Twelve… What decisions will I need to make on marketing the business?

Thirteen… Will I need to set up a legal structure for my business?

Fourteen….. What will the management of my business be?

Fifteen… In what type of location or where will my business be housed?

Sixteen… How many of employees will it take to start up?

Seventeen…. What type of suppliers will I need to keep in contact with for me to keep my business going?

Eighteen… What kinds of insurances will I need for my own protection?

Nineteen…. What do I have to do to make sure that I am paying all the taxes correctly?

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that it helped in some kind of way to give you an idea on what you need to start your own business.

Thank you and keep on reading.

23 Dec

The New DJ or Gadget Man

Today I was just looking at a program on T.V. which led me to believe if today’s music makers are DJ’s or are just Gadgeteers.

As DJ’s, we always looked for the best products to use, but all it seems to say is “Look at the Gadgets!”

Just for the sake of some of the DJ’s out there, let’s go down somewhat of the path of the Basic DJ.
First we just started out with one turntable: but playing long songs songs was out of the question. Then we had a choice of using just a pair of turntables. This led us to our first gadget: the mixer, which allowed us to blend two records together so they seemed like one.

Then along came the 8 track player, it made the dj’s job a little bit lighter but it didn’t last very long.

Then came the cassette tape. Some said that they said that this gadget would follow the way of the 8 track tape, but they were wrong. it changed the music industry and made it easy for everyone to listen to their favorite albums while walking around. they even came out with a cassette deck that would read the blank spots on the tapes, so this made it easy for the dj to get to the song that he needed. This made the life of a DJ a lot lighter in weight versing the heavy weight of the record. In size, instead of being 12 inches, they were just  only 4 inches.

Next….We had this gadget, which was placed ion front of the DJ booth or used just around the dance floor. Yes…. I’m talking about all the Spotlights, Spinning balls, Pulsating strobes and anything else that we can add to make the dance experience out to be one of the best to get people up and dancing. Now we have the new gadgets that are smaller and brighter, and are called L.E.D. ‘s. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes.

With these new gadgets, we have been able to use more of them and not have to worry about all of the HEAT made by a lot of the older lighting effects.
With these we can light up the whole hall to make it a memorible experience. This is done by these lights at the pillars of the hall in the colors of the bridal party.
then there is other lighting gadgets that allow us to accent the ceiling or the walls with snow flakes or even stars. Even now we have Professional lights that allow us to project the wedding couples names on the main wall. It even allows us to use it for company events where their logo can be show on a big screen or wall.

And then….. To talk about our Music. We are in an ever changing and fast paced computer& midi & deck controller music nightmare of gadgets.
This includes all the different formats of music: cd’s, mini disc’s, mp3’s, mp4’s, midi controlled…… and who knows how many other different decks and controllers that can be used along with all of the programs that are there to make our life a little easier with all of the GADGETS.

So now ….. are we a MASTER OF GADGET control or are we …. THE DJ.

I think that I am the DJ …… and I don’t care what my wife says about ” HOW MANY NEW GADGETS DO I HAVE TO HAVE THIS TIME ……

Thank you and keep on reading.

13 Dec

How much do YOU make for djing?

Just sit back and think what you would get as regular pay scale: $7 hour,40 hours a week, at $14,460 dollars a year. Basic Wedding dj, one job a week $650, $33,8000 dollars a year. And then if we do 2 jobs a weekend, $1300 a weekend, $67,600 a year.

So if you are like me and needed more money. So this is why I kept my regular job. I had one of those jobs where it paid a pention for me and my family. It also gave me a lot more, like: Health, Dental, and vision care.

It also made me need more money to go to great restaurants …. where we liked to eat and PLEASE …. Don’t forget all the bills and all the great vacations that my family liked to go on.

So I hope that this gives you some idea or some idea about how much you would need for you Radio djing job…… OH!!! Don’t Forget that you didn’t have to pay any extra for schooling…. most places pay you to update yourself. And all those extra business perks that you may Receive from time to time. OW WOW!!!!!!

So now ….. figure it out about what a Radio dj gets.

Thank you and keep on Reading!

17 Oct

The Perfect DJ Website …… OR IS IT?

While watching today’s news, I came across a very interesting article. It showed that the “SESAME STREET”  site on YouTube, was hacked into.
What they did was replace the fun loving puppets with some really hard core porn.
It wasn’t up for very log, but long enough to make it to the news. The YouTube problem was soon removed.

So this got me to thinking about my own website.

So now is the reason that I checked my website and my links to YouTube, just to see if anything changed from when I placed it on the site.

Now would be a GREAT time to checkout your own site. This would also be a great time to make those long over due updates or changes that you have been wanting to make to your website.

The BOTTOM LINE is …….. if SESAME STREET can be hacked….. who says that you can’t!

Thank you and keep on reading!

13 Oct

The best DJ names from all around!

In the day of Smart phones, we can now get Apps. for most anything you want.

So now that has been said, we now can go to Apps. and download: Top 100 DJs.

This app. has a search for the past four years, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.

This site gives you a lot about the DJ and what type of music he does, a Bio of them, and many other questions.

It was surprising to see which DJs were not on for all of the years mentioned.

Let me hear your comments about it!

As always … Keep on reading!

16 Aug

DJ finds a dj name app.

All of you upcoming dj’s have been asking and asking about the names of a DJ. Again I have to tell you that there isn’t much to getting a DJ name.

Now-a-days everyone has been getting Android phones or a device that allows them to upload Apps. to their device.

So now you can get this great App.:Top 100 DJs

When i did that, it gave me the list of the TOP 100 DJ’s and all of their information and where they are at.

Please check it out and write me some comments about the app. and what if you found it helpful to you.

Thank you and keep on reading.

16 Aug

Buzy DJ.

I have been very busy lately getting all my letters out to all the area High Schools. I have placed my card and something about my system, lighting and that I would MC any events that they may have.

So jump to it and make sure your letters get out soon since school around here is only two more weeks away.

Good luck and as always Keep On Reading!

16 Jun

The DJ looks for more MPG

As we the DJ goes out to do our job, it fails to say that gas plays an important part of our profession. So we either keep our vehicles well tuned-up or……… we try one of those New Gadgets that claim that they will boost your gas mileage and give you a boost in Power!!!!!!

So I had taken in a few products and had asked the experts for their scientific explanations on these devices.

First up, the promoter of our first one claims that his “Fuel Line Magnets” will break up “Clumped” fuel molecules so the gas burns more efficiently. But you have to understand that gasoline molecules “Don’t Clump Up”. They even said that they don’t respond to magnetic force.

Second ……. we have those “Ionizer Clips” that you clip to spark plugs. Supposedly they are to increase combustion efficiency. But when tested, they seemed to do just the opposite by serving to decrease power and even caused an engine fire.

Next up ……. we have one of those fancy spinning Vortex Generators. Which are said to mix fuel more efficiently with air. But all in all, they say that all they do is reduce the air-flow into the manifold which leads to reducing power.

Forth on my list is those Vapor injectors, which are said to convert raw fuel to vapor outside the engine for increased performance. But in reality….. engine computers prevent any of these such benefits.

Next up in fifth position we have water injectors……. These use technology that provide emergency power in WWII planes. But all tests show that this doesn’t work in cars.

Last, we have a device that plugs into the cigarette lighter and claims to “Smooth out Noise” in electrical systems and increase the mileage. No such gain was found in tests by Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports. When asked……. what does the device do? “It lights up when you plug it in!” Claims CR”s Sue LaColla.

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